Smart Traffic

Traffic Planning
for Smarter Cities

Urban living presents many problems, from traffic congestion to taxed energy systems and overcrowded public transit. As the number of people living in cities continues to grow, investing in and upgrading urban infrastructure becomes essential.

The ultimate goal? To create a Smart City—a city that harnesses technology to improve the quality of life for its residents.

CityStation  provides traffic data insights to improve mobility and traffic progression, reducing congestion and unnecessary fuel consumption. This, in turn, boosts air quality. CityStation can also identify and divert traffic at congested intersections, resulting in fewer traffic collisions and thus safer roads for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

The Solution
The solution can be scaled for any number of locations. CityStation can measure atmospheric indicators and count vehicle types and numbers. Cities can use this data to model the effects of traffic versus air quality index on a localized level and develop optimal traffic load configurations for intersections. These optimal solutions improve public health, traffic congestion, and citizen safety. Cities can also take advantage of these CityStation devices by adding on AI software capabilities like automatic license plate recognition, object classification, and semantic video search

Improve mobility, traffic progression, air quality and fuel efficiency with the insight offered by CityStation’s video analytics.

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A control system for data acquisition of multiple AIoT platforms. It integrates not only IP cameras, but also weather sensors, making it suitable for use in smart cities. Besides, it also supports communication connectivities to allow easier deployment for autonomous infrastructure.