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An AI-enabled Intelligent Traffic Management Software

Roadmaster is an AI-enabled intelligent traffic management software that provides a variety of tools and services for transportation and traffic management.

RoadMaster Logo

AI-Enabled Intelligent Traffic Management Software

RoadMaster is an AI-enabled software for intelligent traffic management. Streamline transportation with our comprehensive tools and services.

RoadMaster Logo

An AI-enabled Intelligent Traffic Management Software

Roadmaster is an AI-enabled intelligent traffic management software that provides a variety of tools and services for transportation and traffic management.


RoadMaster simplify road transportation and traffic control with our user-friendly interface. Swiftly adapt to changing traffic conditions and road incidents while ensuring scalable and effective traffic management. Seamlessly handle the growing road demands of today's world.


Reliable Data, Anytime, Anywhere

Count on RoadMaster for precise anomaly detection, alerting, and rapid response – even in challenging conditions like fog, rain, or darkness.

Smart Scalability with AIoT Devices

RoadMaster streamlines setup by automating boundary and region setup in traffic management systems. Once cameras are installed, built-in intelligence promptly identifies lane lines, crosswalks, and markings. Only pertinent data is transmitted to the cloud and your device, ensuring a streamlined, scalable, and cost-efficient solution.

Adaptability at its Best

RoadMaster seamlessly adapts to changing needs through its self-learning and self-healing capabilities.

Key Features

AI-Enabled Intelligent
Traffic Management Software

Traffic anomaly detection

RoadMaster efficiently detects and resolves traffic capacity and demand imbalances in real time, including traffic incidents such as traffic accidents, anomalous construction events, and inclement weather.

Vehicle re-identification and matching

Vehicle re-identification is essential when there is a large network of cameras. To generate accurate alerts during an event, each vehicle must be uniquely identified and tracked across multiple cameras.

RoadMaster effortlessly manages vehicle re-identification using ALPR and matching the license plate for tracking a vehicle during an incident.

Vehicle type classification

RoadMaster provides vehicle classification trained on a distinctive set of vehicle type datasets common to multiple geographical locations and regional vehicle models. This solution is easy to deploy in a given region and does not require additional training on local dataset.

Helmetless riders detection

Helmetless riders, drivers who do not wear seatbelts or use a mobile phone, red light violations, and speed limit violations all have a high impact on not only the number, but also on the fatality rate of road accidents.

Detecting violations in a timely manner can have an immense effect on reducing these numbers and making our roads safer for everyone.

Unified dashboard

Get real-time information about everything that's going on in and around your business.

All relevant information on one screen: customize your dashboards to your specific needs, highlighting what’s important and enabling your team to make informed decisions.

2D and 3D map views for quick and easy localization of events.


Create multiple dashboards to gather actionable insights on multiple areas of interests.


RoadMaster excels in swiftly identifying and resolving real-time traffic imbalances, including accidents, construction anomalies, and adverse weather conditions.


For extensive camera networks, accurate event alerts require identifying and tracking vehicles across multiple cameras. RoadMaster effortlessly manages this through automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), ensuring precise vehicle monitoring during and after incidents.

RoadMaster UI

From helmetless riders, phone users driving, and those who failed to wear a seatbelt, red light violations, and speedy violations, RoadMaster promptly detects and addresses traffic rule violations, ultimately enhancing road safety and reducing accident rates.

Elevate premises security with real-time detection, alerting you to suspicious activities in monitored areas for enhanced safety.

No Helmet Violation Detection

Red Light Violation

Speed Violations

Seatbelt Violation Detection



Gain instant insights into all activities within and around your business in real time.

Consolidate relevant data on a single screen: tailor dashboards to your unique requirements, spotlight essential details, and empower your team with well-informed choices.

Utilize 2D and 3D map perspectives for swift event pinpointing and localization.


Establish multiple dashboards to harvest actionable intelligence across various areas of focus.

Use Cases


Road Surveillance and Monitoring

RoadMaster is a real-time intelligent traffic management system for automatic traffic monitoring based on a network of surveillance cameras that capture, process, and draw inferences from video analytics.

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Traffic Control

Enables an efficient decision-making process driven by real time-traffic detection to tackle traffic congestion and pollution in urban areas.

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Smart Cities

Transforms cities into smart cities with automated solutions and AI-enabled decision making.

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