An AI based controller with sensor fusion capability

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An AI based controller with sensor fusion capability

About Ultron

Ultron is an AI-based controller designed to revolutionize automation. Powered by NVIDIA® Jetson™ technology, Ultron stands as a groundbreaking solution engineered to reshape automation through the synergy of sensor fusion and cutting-edge technology. By empowering industrial applications with cutting-edge computing capabilities right at the edge, Ultron ushers in a new paradigm of efficiency and innovation. Experience the transformation as SmartCow Ultron redefines automated processes, setting the stage for a smarter, more automated future.

Edge computing platform

Unveil cutting-edge computing platforms meticulously engineered to support high-performance computing modules like NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX and Orin™ NX.

Unleash Advanced AI Potential

Integrate seamlessly with our in-house developed QuickSilver platform, expertly designed to simplify the integration of AI models, resulting in a notable acceleration of system integration and deployment processes.

Enhanced Interoperability for Real-Time AI

Forge seamless connections with standard industrial and machine vision cameras, enabling real-time AI-driven inference that drives unparalleled insights.

Effortless Wireless Communication Solutions

Elevate data transmission capabilities with versatile options, spanning 5G, LTE, and Wi-Fi support, ensuring optimal wireless communication for elevated operational efficiency.

How it works

Renowned for their reliability, flexibility, and robustness, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) stand as crucial components in the industrial landscape. Elevating this foundation, Ultron emerges with enhanced capabilities, fusing high computing power and minimal latency for AI inference at the industrial edge.

This unique amalgamation positions Ultron as an ideal candidate for the realm of automation and autonomous infrastructures. Its applications extend across diverse sectors, encompassing smart factories, intelligent traffic management, smart cities, agriculture, and smart buildings.

How it works diagramHow it works diagram

Highlighted Features



Ultron standard configuration includes Main Block and one I/O Block (SMCPN-D1)

Modular Design
Expandable I/O for Versatility

Vision AI and Controller in a Single System


Connectivity Choices
Opt for LTE/5G/WIFI as Needed


OLED Display
Device Status and Alerts at a Glance

Highlighted Features

Software Capability

Ultron arrives with the integrated QuickSilver AI interoperable platform, designed to empower developers in their projects. Supported by a range of versatile software options, tailored to suit diverse user priorities, Ultron facilitates straightforward system setup and testing. Moreover, this platform streamlines the complexity of system construction and deployment, effortlessly incorporating existing solutions.

Configuration based WebApp

Simplify system setup and testing for developers with configuration-based WebApp enabling rapid deployment.

Dynamic Docker Integration

Unleash flexibility in constructing intricate systems through Docker, ensuring adaptability to evolving needs.

Compatibility with Jetson Software

Facilitate effortless development migration for existing users by ensuring compatibility with Jetson software solutions.


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Use Cases

Smart Factory use cases illustration

Smart Factories

Ultron is built to improve industrial automation processes that lack the agility, programmer productivity, and development scalability needed for effectively interacting with sophisticated next-generation AI computing workloads that are often deployed in the cloud.

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Smart Traffic  use cases illustration

Smart Traffic

Ultron can calculate real-time traffic density by detecting and classifying vehicles at intersections. Aside from traffic density, Ultron considers the number of lanes on the road, vehicle types, and buffer time for vehicles to restart after stopping.

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smart agri use cases illustrations

Smart Agriculture

Vertical farming is the modern farming method to address food supply issues with increasing global population and degradation of arable farmland. It involves growing crops in stacked layers in a confined environment. Ultron is designed ideally for such applications. It fuses inputs from different sensors; runs AI model inference to control water, nutrients supply and other actuators such as lightings and ambient temperature.

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