An AI based controller with sensor fusion capability


An AI based controller with sensor fusion capability

Why Ultron?

Ultron is a NVIDIA Jetson powered controller that brings high computing power to the edge for industrial applications that require artificial intelligence for automated processes.

Edge computing platform

Computing platform that supports high-performance computing modules such as NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX and Orin™ NX.

Advanced AI capabilities

Come with in-house built QuickSilver platform to integrate AI models easily, helping shorten system integration and deployment time.

High interoperability

Interoperable with standard industrial and machine vision cameras for real time AI-enabled inference.

Seamless communication

With 5G/LTE/Wifi options supported for wireless data transmission.

How it works

Programmable Logic Controllers are widely used in industrial applications due to their reliability, flexibility and robustness. To bring AI inference from the cloud to the edge, we take PLCs a step further with Ultron’s high computing power and low latency for AI in industrial applications. This makes Ultron perfectly designed for automations and autonomous infrastructures. Applicable industries include smart factories, smart cities, intelligent traffic management, smart buildings, and agriculture.

How it works diagramHow it works diagram

Highlighted Features



Ultron standard configuration includes Main Block and one I/O Block (SMCPN-D1)

Modular design with expandable I/O

Single system works vision AI functionality and controller

Optional LTE/5G/WIFI

OLED for device status and alert display

Highlighted Features

Software Capability

We provide multiple software options for users with different priorities, allowing a quicker way to set up and test the system. Also, the AI interoperable platform can simplify building and deploying complex systems or easily leverage the existing solutions.

Configuration based WebApp

Quick system setup and test


Flexibility to build complex systems

Compatibility with Jetson Software

Easy migratable for existing users


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