Our solutions for Smart Cities

Rugged AI Edge Devices with Cutting-edge Performance

Edge device management platform

Enabling simplified deployment and centralized management of edge AI devices through a hybrid-cloud service.


Optimize your investment using FleetTrackr, the AIoT device management platform that enables administrators to provision, manage, monitor, and update thousands of devices, securely and entirely over-the-air.

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AI nation

AI solutions for transport and traffic management, video analytics, retail, manufacturing, and more!


A computer vision solution that provides customizable occupancy analytics to help retailers and warehouses better understand customer behavior. It can cover multiple devices and locations in real-time, providing instant access to business intelligence.

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An AI-enabled intelligent traffic management software enabling quick response to road events and changing traffic patterns, ensures scalability of traffic management, and provides the ability to manage the ever-increasing load on modern roads.

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A control system for data acquisition of multiple AIoT platforms. It integrates not only IP cameras, but also weather sensors, making it suitable for use in smart cities. Besides, it also supports communication connectivities to allow easier deployment for autonomous infrastructure.

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EDGAR Health Suite

A healthcare analytics suite that combines the essentials of AI and IoT to provide key video analytics use cases for healthcare that helps to regulate COVID-19 infection and other contagious diseases.

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SmartCow PlateReader is a plug-and-play automatic number-plate recognition (ALPR) edge solution that includes an intuitive dashboard for device and data management.

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NVIDIA Omniverse™

A world of possibilities. Greater efficiency. NVIDIA Omniverse is a collaborative 3D design platform for creators, developers, and enterprises to work with scalable, multi-GPU, real-time and true-to-reality simulations. Omniverse — the new name in the game for individual creators and for dynamic teamwork.