Frequently Asked Questions

My speaker is not generating any sound, what should I do?

If your speaker is not working, we suggest the following troubleshooting steps:

Open up NVIDIA® GUI to see which peripherals are enabled, type the following into the command line:sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/
Ensure that the i2s5 is enabled. If not, Configure 40-pin expansion header and enable i2s5. You will be prompted to save and reboot.

Once your device has been rebooted, be sure to configure the soundcard appropriately with the following command:amixer -c jetsonxaviernxa sset "I2S5 Mux" ADMAIF2

Finally run a speaker test with this command:
speaker-test -D hw:jetsonxaviernxa,1 -c 2 -r 48000 -F S16_LE -t sine -f 500

My Microphone isn’t recording anything, what should I do?

If you are struggling to record with your microphone, follow these steps:

The I2S peripheral which connects to the microphones is constantly running, there is no need to address that.

Reconfigure the sound card subdevice appropriately with the following command:amixer -c jetsonxaviernxa cset name='ADMAIF1 Mux' I2S3

Record using the following command:
arecord -D hw:jetsonxaviernxa,0 -c 2 -d 10 -r 48000 -f S32_LE test.wav

The OLED screen isn’t turning on, what can I do?

If you are struggling with the OLED screen check out the demo applications in /opt/apollo/oled/. You will find examples and setup scripts to verify the functionality.

My camera is not working, what can I do to troubleshoot?

If your camera is not functioning after connected to Apollo, try out the following command to verify if your camera is working:
ls /dev/video\*
nvgstcapture-1.0 --camsrc=0 --cap-dev-node=<N>*

Note: <N> is the /dev/videoN

My device is heating and/or the fan has stopped working, how can I reset the fan?

Simply execute the following command:
sudo jetson_clocks —fan

What to do if I am having software issues with Apollo?

If you are having software issues, you can post your query along with the tag #Apollo on Nvidia Developer forum from the link below:

SmartCow team will look into your posted issue and get back to you as soon as possible.


How many NVIDIA® Jetson™ modules does Athos support?

In addition to the Jetson Xavier™ 16G, Athos is forward compatible with the upcoming Jetson Orin™ 16G and Orin™ 8G modules, enabling users to select different levels of AI performance systems based on their application requirements.

To what extent does Athos support in terms of operating temperature, communication, and Ethernet?

The Athos is a palm-sized box PC with an operating temperature range of -20°C to 60°C. It has multiple external communication IOs including 2x I2C, 2x UART, CAN BUS, and GPIO to connect or control various device interfaces. Furthermore, Athos offers two GbE LAN ports with speeds of up to 1G and 2.5G, respectively.

Does Athos have wireless connectivity capabilities?

If yes, how does Athos support it? Yes, Athos has a number of  expansion slots capable of supporting Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G modules. The M.2 E-key is designed for Wi-Fi modules, whereas M.2 B-key 3042/3052 is reserved for LTE or 5G modules.


How many IP cameras can I connect to at one time?

8x IP cams.

How can I use the AINVR software when I have multiple cameras connected?

The AINVR software launches automatically when the device boots up. From the sources tab on the UI, add the IP cameras’ RTSP stream as an input source by providing an identifiable name and the stream’s URL. After the sources are configured, multiple camera streams are populated in a grid view, enabling users to view multiple streams simultaneously.

Are there any expansion slots on Soter?

Yes. There is 1x full size Mini PCIe slot for LTE, 1x half size Mini PCIe slot for WI-FI, 1x 2.5 inch HDD bay, and 1x SD card slot.


What is the camera’s temperature range?

SmartCam’s operating temperature range is -20 to 60°C.

What’s the resolution of the camera?

5 MP

Is SmartCam designed to be waterproof?

Yes, the enclosure of SmartCam is IP66 rated.

Which POE switch should I use with SmartCam?

Use a POE switch that meets the IEEE 802.3at standard.


What is the camera’s temperature range?

Sphinx’s operating temperature range is -20 to 50°C.

What’s the resolution of the camera?

Sphinx includes dual image sensors: an 5MP(HDR) rolling shutter sensor, and an 2.3MP(WDR) global shutter sensor.

What are the applications of Sphinx aiming for?

Sphinx offers a reliable solution for deploying various AI applications, including Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), public safety, and Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS). 

How does Sphinx perform in low-light conditions?

The high-performance sensors are paired with IR illumination and an Ambient Light Sensor (ALS), providing a clear image for AI models.


How many sensors are there in a SuperCam?

2 sensors : 2.3M and 4K resolutions.

How do I check SuperCam’s BSP version?

To check the L4T version installed on Supercam, check /etc/nv_tegra_release which describes the release in the first line. To check the Jetpack version and statistics, you can run jtop. Within jtop, you can view the Jetpack version and current CPUs, GPU, RAM, and eMMC as well as power consumption and temperatures.

How many expansion slots are there on SuperCam?

3 slots.
Mini PCIe (2280) x1 for SSD storage
M.2 E Key(2230) x1 for Wi-Fi module
M.2 BKey (3052) x1 for LTE


What is the expanded functionality of Uranus?

Mini PCIe slot for LTE or WI-FI or mSATA(storage); micro SD slot for storage expansion.

How do I integrate any software, for example, Roadmaster, with Uranus?

SmartCow offers a range of software that can be integrated into Uranus depending on the use case. Installation steps and software packages are provided along with a user manual to deploy the end-to-end pipeline.

Is it possible to add an external fan to Uranus?

Yes. An optional fan kit is available to help improve thermal performance in low air flow environments.

Uranus Plus

What NVIDIA Jetson module does Uranus Plus support?

Orin NX and Orin Nano

What expansion functions are available on Uranus Plus?

1x M.2 B key for 4G or 5G
1x M.2 E key for WiFi
1x optional 1G LAN

Is it a fanless device? What is Uranus Plus’s thermal solution?

Yes, it is designed as a passive cooling device.


How do I power on Ultron?

Connect a 24V DC power supply to Ultron’s 2 pin terminal block.

How many I/O units can I add to Ultron?

For SMCP-ND1 (digital/analog I/O unit), up to 6 units can be connected to Ultron’s main unit.

What mounting type does Ultron support?

Ultron supports DIN rail mounting.

Does Ultron support any wireless communication?

Yes. Ultron can optionally support Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G connectivity. For more information, please contact our sales representative.

How many modules are included with the Main Block?

Ultron standard configuration includes Main Block and one I/O Block (SMCPN-D1)


What is the IP rating for Mars?


How do I check Mars’s BSP version?

To check the L4T version installed on Mars, check /etc/nv_tegra_release which describes the release in the first line. To check the Jetpack version and statistics, you can run jtop. Within jtop, you can view the Jetpack version and current CPUs, GPU, RAM and eMMC as well as power consumption and temperatures.

How many IP cameras can I connect to at one time?

15 IP cameras

How many expansion slots on Mars?

3 slots.
Mini PCIe (2280) x1 for SSD storage
M.2 E Key(2230) x1 for Wi-Fi module
M.2 BKey (3052) x1 for LTE


Can I use FleetTrackr with edge devices bought from other companies?

No, FleetTrackr is only compatible with Jetson™ platforms that are manufactured by SmartCow.

Can I use FleetTrackr on devices that do not have NVIDIA® Jetson™ SoM?

No, FleetTrackr is only compatible with SmartCow products that are based on the NVIDIA® Jetson™ SoM.

Is FleetTrackr a cloud solution?

FleetTrackr is a hybrid-cloud solution that features cloud-native container management. This enables you to deploy applications from your private or public registry and perform firmware updates using firmware-over-the-air (FOTA).

Can I choose to host FleetTrackr in my own enterprise server?

Yes, you can self-host FleetTrackr either on-premises or in the cloud.

Can I use FleetTrackr as my IT service management (ITSM) tool?

Yes, FleetTrackr is a comprehensive edge management solution designed for IT personnel to provision, deploy, manage, and monitor edge devices in a centralized dashboard.

Are the applications that are deployed through FleetTrackr secure?

FleetTrackr integrates end-to-end security to ensure secure deployment. Role-based access control ensures that only authorized users can log in to the system and signed containers ensure that only authenticated software is deployed to the edge.


Can I use SmartSpaces in outdoor scenarios?

Yes, SmartSpaces can be used in both indoor and outdoor scenarios.

Can I use Smart Spaces for industrial applications like compliance detection?

Yes, in addition to retail applications, SmartSpaces can also be used in industrial applications such as compliance detection.

Can I use SmartSpaces with SmartCam as a complete solution for my retail environment?

Yes, SmartSpaces integrates easily with SmartCam, allowing SmartCam data to be visualized and analyzed through a centralized dashboard.

How can I use SmartSpaces to increase sales?

SmartSpaces can track customer behavior and derive customer engagement rates based on the collected data. SmartSpaces can also analyze trends and forecast demand, which helps with business decisions.


How is RoadMaster useful for road surveillance and traffic monitoring?

RoadMaster is designed to minimize the amount of manual work required to define boundaries and regions of interest to get a traffic management system up and running. It is also designed to recognize anomalies, violations, and send immediate alerts when necessary, even in foggy or rainy weather, or at night.

What are the benefits of using RoadMaster?

One of the benefits of using RoadMaster is that it can analyze traffic camera streams and use the information to understand traffic flow and dynamically adjust traffic signals. This aids to optimize traffic management while reducing carbon emissions.


Can I use PlateReader with my own IP cameras?

Yes, PlateReader is an edge solution capable of supporting up to two IP/RTSP cameras from most manufacturers.

Where can I possibly deploy PlateReader at?

You should deploy PlateReader from a higher vantage point for a better field of view (FOV) when detecting and tracking vehicle license plates.

Can PlateReader detect license plates during nighttime?

Yes, as long as there is adequate lighting in the setting and the camera is able to capture a clear image of license plates on moving vehicles.

What factors influence the accuracy of the license plate reading?

The video quality and camera placement are the two most important factors that influence the accuracy of the results.

Can I use FleetTrackr as my IT seCan I export the license plate results for reporting purposes?rvice management (ITSM) tool?

Yes, you can save detected license plates for a set period of time, and you can export the results to a .csv file.

Can I use PlateReader with my existing access control system?

Yes, you can integrate PlateReader with your existing system or third-party solutions if the SDKs and APIs are available and provided to us.


Is CityStation suitable for continuous outdoor usage?

Yes, CityStation's ruggedized design makes it ideal for outdoor use — it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Do I have access to the data collected by CityStation?

Yes, if required, access to the data can be provided.

Can I integrate CityStation with my existing environmental data collection system?

Yes, CityStation is a plug-and-play device which works with any existing system and requires minimal integration.

Can I deploy CityStation in multiple locations and view the data from each on a single dashboard?

Yes, the data collected from all your deployed CityStations will appear in a single analytics dashboard with detailed trends and reports.


What is a semantic search engine and how does it differ from a traditional search engine?

While a traditional search engine deciphers queries based on keywords or short strings of words, a semantic search engine takes a more holistic approach, considering what the words mean and how they relate to one another. CastleBravo enables users to search through a large set of images/videos at the same time and returns image results that match their queries.

How many videos can CastleBravo search at once?

CastleBravo search does not have a limit on the number of videos it can search at once because the videos are indexed with GraphDB. With this approach, you can search through thousands of videos at the same time.

Is there a format to follow for the search queries to work? Would it affect the accuracy of the search results?

No, the search engine, like any semantic search engine, enables users to search through his or her own query structure. Also, users can refine their queries to get more specific results.

EDGAR Health Suite

What is healthcare data analytics?

Healthcare analytics is the study of current and historic industry data to predict trends, improve outreach, and manage the spread of diseases. EDGAR can mitigate the spread of disease in cases where there are lapses in preventive actions (for example, using masks). 

What role does data analytics play in healthcare?

EDGAR analyzes data to detect incorrect performances of preventive public health actions (e.g. not wearing a mask in areas where it is mandatory). The application then assesses the severity of the infraction and notifies the user through a dashboard. Throughout the process, EDGAR keeps all data encrypted and protected.

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