Catalyzing Edge AI Management: SmartCow Unveils Enhanced FleetTrackr for Seamless Device Control

April 25, 2024

ST. JULIANS, Malta, April 25, 2024 -- SmartCow, an AI engineering company specializing in building complex hardware and software solutions for AI at the edge, today introduced the new update of its AIoT Device Management Platform, FleetTrackr. With enhanced scalability and improved UI design, it allows users to control and manage edge devices completely.

Edge AI is the new norm in artificial intelligence. Edge devices and applications are widely used for deploying AI in the real world. How to seamlessly manage and deploy them has become a crucial issue for large-scale projects. “The fleet management platform revolutionized companies’ abilities to digitally transform their business operations, and FleetTrackr is at the forefront of specialized AIoT device management software,” said Pooja Venkatesh, Product Manager at SmartCow.“We recognize the need for responsive, flexible, and remotely operated AI solutions as demand increases for efficient, smart technology.”

While FleetTrackr is built to simplify deployment and centralized management of edgeAI systems through a hybrid-cloud service, SmartCow has upgraded scalability to support up to one million devices, ensuring that the platform includes every unit from the project. With experience helping customers, SmartCow has updated the functionality of FleetTrackr and extended the features of its UI design, utilizing cutting-edge frameworks for an exceptional user experience. Users can view all device details at a glance with flexible grouping, apply tags, and monitor applications for streamlined fleet organization.

Additionally, FleetTrackr V2 can update and manage devices in real time, schedule routines, track performance, and offer timely notifications. This provides device-specific insights and creates easier ways to identify devices while running a specific application.

FleetTrackr integrates with all of SmartCow’s product lines, including edge nodes, AI cameras, cyber-physical systems, andengineering kits. Users can simply add on FleetTrackr to their existing AIoT solutions for seamless device management.

The new version of FleetTrackr will be available from May2024.

SmartCow is a member of the NVIDIA Metropolis and NVIDIA Jetson partner ecosystems. Its specialty lies in developing software-defined hardware with field programmability and flexibility, optimized for elevated performance of software deployed. SmartCow’s edge AI products and solutions are widely deployed in smart cities.