Smart Cities

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Smart Cities

AI delivers powerful new ways to create more sustainable cities, maintain infrastructure, and improve public services for residents and communities.

SmartCow solutions solve the problems faced by growing cities.

AI is revolutionizing the Cities. From traffic management, number plate recognition and building access control, through to smart parking and accident detection.

As a NVIDIA Metropolis Partner, SmartCow has become an expert in developing solutions to meet these needs, analyzing video data in real time ‘at the edge’ – vital where the location, privacy needs or limited internet connectivity restrict the ability to pass data to a central server or cloud service.

Solutions across the Smart AI City

SmartCow addressed these challenges by moving the computation to the edge with the NVIDIA® JetsonTM family of embedded solutions. By adding intelligence where it matters, the process of analyzing video becomes fast, cost-effective and reliable.

AI training – the data advantage

Deep Learning systems depend on data – accurately tagged and categorized to enable their revolutionary learning capabilities. Many companies have access to hardware and standard AI models, but few have the capability to capture, label and correctly annotate the data, to ensure AI models and recognition rates are consistently accurate.

Using NVIDIA’s end to end ‘Edge, Datacenter & Cloud’ AI platform capability, SmartCow’s investment in NVIDIA DGX supercomputers ensures their solutions perform at the highest possible levels.

Smart Cities examples

Transforming Urban Cities into Smart Cities with AI


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