Smart Traffic

Cities around the world are experiencing continuous population growth. IoT-based smart city solutions help cities promote modern economic development, improve urban infrastructure, increase environmental awareness, and optimize the use of public resources. With machine learning at the edge, cities can address one of the most costly and impactful side effects of rapid growth: increased traffic congestion... Learn more
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) for Smart Traffic
Traffic Control and Road Surveillance
Traffic Planning for Smarter Cities
ALPR for Parking Management
Signal Control at Intersections

Smart Factories

The world's most innovative manufacturers are leveraging petabytes of operational data to maximize the quality, predictability and profitability of precision manufacturing. These data-driven factories are using AI and high-performance computing (HPC) simulation to enable superhuman process control capabilities - positioning themselves to create innovative new products and services for new markets... Learn more
Industrial Automation For Smarter Factories
AI Cameras for Smarter Factories
smart factories use cases illustrations

Smart Retail

Using camera and sensor data, retailers are leveraging AI to reduce shrinkage, eliminate out-of-stocks and gain visibility into customer behaviors. The same infrastructure can also speed up checkout...
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Occupancy Analytics for Retail Stores

Smart Cities

AI delivers powerful new ways to create more sustainable cities, maintain infrastructure, and improve public services for residents and communities... Learn more
Apartments or Entertainment & Recreation Facilities
Monitoring Air Quality in Outdoor Areas

Smart Farming

AI gives farmers complete control over their farming operations, allowing them to get more done with less effort while providing many other benefits. With smart farming, farm owners can collect and analyze data to identify problems with their crops. With the analyzed information, they can decide how best to move forward to address the challenges. Whether it's low water levels or a depletion of essential nutrients, they'll know what to do... Learn more
AI-based controller for Vertical Farming
Environmental monitoring and control for Agriculture
smart agri use cases illustrations