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Automatic License Plate Recognition for Parking Management

Smart cities use automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technologies to aid law enforcement and traffic investigations. ALPR expands the collection of plate reader data and speeds up the time-consuming process of manually matching vehicle license plates against lists of stolen, wanted, and suspicious vehicles.

ALPR solutions capture images of vehicle license plates and transform these images into alphanumeric characters with optical character recognition. They then compare the plate numbers to one or more databases of vehicles of interest for law enforcement and other agencies, alerting officers when they identify a vehicle of interest. The automated capture, analysis, and comparison of vehicle license plates is typically done in a few seconds, alerting the officer and dispatcher immediately when it detects a plate of interest.

The smart parking sector continues to evolve as traffic congestion climbs in cities with an insufficient supply of parking spaces. Smart cities call for smart parking solutions. When drivers drive around to search for parking spaces in urban areas, they contribute to traffic congestion. Smart cities should develop solutions to help drivers find parking with ease, reducing both congestion and the resulting air pollution.

Many existing solutions deploy sensors in parking spaces to support automatic vehicle detection in parking spaces. However, the costs of the devices and deployment are very high, especially for older and larger parking structures. A wide variety of other technological innovations are beginning to enable more adaptive systems, including license plate detection, smart parking meters, barrierless parking, and vision-based parking space detection.

PlateReader, a plug-and-play solution for automatic license plate recognition, can be integrated with automated parking and boom barrier systems for effective vehicle management.

PlateReader greets users with an intuitive interface for device and data management where you can store data from the license plate numbers of different vehicle types. PlateReader’s edge node runs on the NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2NX platform and can therefore support up to two 1080p cameras for real-time license plate detection.

Monitor vehicles for law enforcement and facility management with PlateReader, reducing traffic congestion and air pollution caused by inefficient parking management.

This all-in-one solution operates with low additional labor, hardware, and software costs and offers the following functions:

  • Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

  • Car Plate Recognition (CPR)

  • Car Plate Reader (CPR)

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

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SmartCow PlateReader is a plug-and-play automatic number-plate recognition (ALPR) edge solution that includes an intuitive dashboard for device and data management.