SmartCow Announces New AI Camera T1000 Series Powered by NVIDIA Jetson, Targeting Vision AI-Focused Markets at the Edge

March 19, 2024

ST. JULIANS, MALTA, March 19, 2024 – SmartCow, an AI engineering company specializing in building complex hardware and software solutions for artificial intelligence at the edge, announces a new AI camera T1000 series, featuring 4G connectivity, advanced image capturing, and video processing capabilities. The pilot solutions of the series, including the SmartCam T1023 based on NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ and TX2 NX, and the SmartCam T1025, supercharged by NVIDIA Jetson Orin™ Nano, is launching during NVIDIA GTC.

SmartCow announced the new AI camera T1000 series, featuring theSmartCam T1023 and T1025. (Source: SmartCow)

SmartCam T1023 is powered by the NVIDIA Jetson Nano andTX2 NX system-on-modules, while SmartCam T1025 is supercharged by the latestNVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano module. In this series, the computing performance ranges widely, with up to 40 TOPS of capabilities, and is complemented by expansion slots for 4G communications and storage functions, allowing theSmartCam T1000 series to seamlessly run complex AI tasks at the edge.Additionally, the SmartCam T1000 series has an IP65 enclosure and a compact design, offering flexibility for varied adoption indoors or outdoors.

The SmartCow team has extensive experience in vision AI, having developed a wide range of artificial intelligence solutions leveraging visual capabilities. The team understands the pain points and requirements associated with AI camera solutions. The T1000 series is targeted to develop abetter vision solution for the market. It is equipped with a 5MP wide field-of-view sensor that provides high-quality image output, and its built-inIR Illumination enables it to operate effectively in low-light conditions.Empowering developers with the capability to run advanced vision AI at the edge seamlessly, the T1000 series facilitates various applications, such as ALPR for smarter parking, traffic management and law enforcement.

The SmartCam T1000 series includes built-in intuitive software that enables operators to configure and optimize image sensor performance in real time and reference NVIDIA DeepStreamTMSDK pipelines. Moreover, it is tightly coupled with FleetTrackr, the edge management solution at scale.

SmartCow will exhibit the SmartCam T1000 series at booth342 at NVIDIA GTC – the conference for the era of AI – running from March 18-21at the San Jose Convention Center. Register via link [ ] for an additional 20% off in-person registration.

The SmartCam T1000 series will be available in July 2024.