Join us at NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Solutions Day Taipei

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GIS MOTC Convention Center


06 October 2023


13:00 am - 04:30 pm

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Jetson Edge AI Solutions Day is an event specifically designed for professionals and innovators in the field of AI high-speed computing and deep learning. NVIDIA Jetson series products are complete system-on-module (SOM) solutions, comprising elements such as CPU, GPU, memory, power management, high-speed interfaces, and more. This system offers a variety of performance, energy efficiency, and size specifications, catering to the embedded computing needs of various industries. Jetson Edge-AI Solution boasts a vast development community and ecosystem, providing software, hardware design services, and a range of compatible products from carrier boards to complete systems, making it easier for developers to access support and resources, thereby accelerating application development.

This event invites leading companies in the industry to share their success stories and provides insightful explanations on how to go from concept to simulation and leverage the Jetson platform for innovative AI projects. The event will also delve into the latest trends and applications of Jetson Edge-AI solutions, including intelligent image recognition, robotics, manufacturing, retail, transportation, smart cities, IoT, healthcare, and industrial applications, among others. Dozens of well-known Jetson Edge-AI Solution providers will be showcasing relevant application products on-site.

SmartCow, as expert in building smart cities projects and pioneer to dedicated into Edge AI camera, will share how we realize smart city deployment via edge AI camera & edge management platform. Urban modernization is not an easy task given the several different challenges with respect to security, management and business intelligence. Implementing one of the largest smart city projects has exposed us to understand these challenges and design solutions to overcome them.

Come and visit us and discover SmartCow's AI edge products and demos on October 6!