SmartCow’s CityStation AIoT Platform Users Can Now Leverage NVIDIA Omniverse to Boost Smart City Initiatives

April 28, 2022

Earlier this month, we were excited to introduce CityStation, our newest data acquisition and control system designed to tackle problems of urban pollution with effective solutions and targeted analytics. Now, CityStation users can leverage the power of NVIDIA’s Omniverse via our Digital Twin integration to shorten the early stages of smart city project development and assist with overall stage maintenance.

Smart city development and innovation is a growing industry sector that is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 24.4% till 2030, with a valuation of US $1,090 billion. The digital twin market is also valued at US $3.1 billion and is expected to reach US $48.2 billion by 2026 at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 58.0% in the forecast period. Currently, there is a high demand for urbanization, resource utilization, and healthy environmental living conditions. Growing populations and large-scale industrialization are two of the leading forces driving this demand, and there is an increased opportunity for real-time simulations to reduce costs and increase available resources in long-term urbanization planning. Our unique approach of harnessing the power of digital twin simulations and real-time data collection will improve how cities meet the growing needs of their communities.

Building a large-scale, customizable smart city project requires significant resources and time to meet the unique needs of each city. SmartCow’s CityStation simplifies this process with a practical helper for smart cities and can be set locally in a highly urbanized environment where no pre-existing sensors to record environmental conditions are located. The box collects data from the actual real-world environment to help inform our Omniverse integration to create high-fidelity, realistic, and accurate simulations that work hand-in-hand with the fully-rendered 3D scene of the Digital Twin solution.

Our CityStation collected real data from Balluta, Malta and here comes the results with different weather situations in the same location.

Users can control, interact with, and simulate anything within these scenes to observe the real-time consequences or triumphs of these changes without touching the physical location. With CityStation and our digital twin solution powered by NVIDIA Omniverse, users have an enhanced ability to optimize control of smart cities as well as speed up early stage project development and facilitate the integration of AI into its regular operation.

“Imagine being able to collect real-time smart city data and plug it into a virtual world where digital twins can be used to simulate a variety of potential solutions without having to use resources to test in the physical world,” said Ravi Kiran, CEO of SmartCow. “With CityStation, a city can collect real-time data from current urban conditions, which is then transferred to NVIDIA's Omniverse, where digital twins can test scenarios in a virtual setting and then use the outcomes to implement tested projects into real environments, saving time, money, and resources.” This has the potential to change the way governments, policymakers, and officials go about making changes that impact millions of people worldwide.”

Data helps governments and policymakers to estimate the impact of city development and make the right choice accordingly.

Customers can choose the Omniverse add-on service to speed up deployment and quickly customize their city situations for complex, efficient development. Additionally, SmartCow is working to power NVIDIA’s Omniverse initiatives for its smaller customers valued under $10 million with this critical integration into the digital twin landscape, making it an invaluable partner to one of the biggest giants in the tech industry today.

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