Role of Update Client in SmartCow Devices

December 29, 2022

In the previous issue[1], we learned how Update Client is used to update the Board Support Packages (BSP) of NVIDIA® Jetson™ devices using the image-based firmware over-the-air method. This issue explains the capabilities and significance of Update Client in managing and deploying updates to containers on SmartCow devices.

What is Update Client?
A brief overview of the Update Client software

Update Client is a software component in all SmartCow devices that manages updates to BSPs of NVIDIA® Jetson™ devices and containers running on the edge device. Using the FleetTrackr UI, you can specify the containers that you want to update or deploy, as well as the schedule for these updates. Update Client will then automatically download the specified containers and deploy them to the edge device according to the schedule.

The diagram illustrates the update process used by Update Client.

Behind the scenes
Learn what happens behind the scenes when you use the FleetTracker application to run a container on an edge device.

FleetTrack sends a pull action in JSON format to the message broker on the device topic, and the Update Client performs the following actions.

  1. Reads the message from the message broker.
  2. Pulls the image with the corresponding tag onto the device.
  3. Creates a container with a new image.
  4. Starts the container.

Overall, Update Client plays a vital role in ensuring that SmartCow devices are able to efficiently and effectively run and update containers as needed. We hope you found this edition of the FleetTrackr newsletter informative and useful. Until next time, happy holidays from all of us at SmartCow!

[1]: Last issue: Updating your SmartCow devices has never been easier

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