Real-Time Fleet Monitoring with FleetTrackr

January 31, 2023

At the start of this year, we are excited to share some amazing feats that FleetTrackr can perform. FleetTrackr is a powerful tool for monitoring and tracking the status of your fleet of devices.

Easily access your devices' metrics with our user-friendly interface

After logging in, you can view the location of each device on a map, check their status—online, offline, or critical—and drill down to view various device metrics like CPU or GPU utilization, temperature, and memory usage. You can use this information to optimize the performance of your fleet and troubleshoot issues.

Additionally, the FleetTrackr application sends notifications such as anomalies in temperature, network, storage, CPU or GPU levels, changes in device GPS coordinates or IP addresses, and so on, providing real-time monitoring of the fleet's health. The FleetTrackr monitoring feature also provides access to information on the use of specialized hardware cores such as NVDEC, NVENC, DLA, and so on. This means you can take immediate action to ensure your fleet is running smoothly and your devices are always in top condition.

Filter out unnecessary notifications

Notifications are grouped as unread, devices, and updates. The unread notifications section lists all unread notifications, the device section lists device-related alerts like hardware, anomalies, or IP address changes, and the updates section lists application or firmware alerts. For all categories, you can filter notifications based on their importance, with additional filtering options such as hardware-related, anomaly-related, IP-related for devices, and type-related for updates. This means you can choose to receive alerts for only the anomalies, updates, or information that interest you. You can also choose to ignore specific notifications or revert to the previous state. This notification feature enables you to stay informed of the most important changes in your fleet's health, without being overwhelmed by unnecessary notifications.

We hope that these features will help you monitor and optimize your fleet's health. If you have any questions or need assistance getting started, please contact our support team. We look forward to helping you in improving your fleet's performance and efficiency.

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