Hyper-realistic simulations are possible on Omniverse

April 17, 2023

As an NVIDIA Jetson preferred partner, and Metropolis elite partner and more, we are on the cutting edge of NVIDIA technology. One technology that’s been a game changer in how we work and create is NVIDIA’s Omniverse Platform.

Since 2021, we’ve been using Omniverse to build our smart city applications. We want to share some of the high quality RTX rendering and tools we’ve created, to show you what’s possible on Omniverse.

What is Omniverse?

Omniverse is a computing platform for creating real-time, physically accurate simulations.

With Omniverse, creators, designers, researchers, and engineers can collaborate in a shared virtual space. Together, they can build metaverse applications, intricate 3D worlds, custom extensions, and more.

Build digital twins on Omniverse

These images aren’t photographs of buildings, trees, and roads. They are digital twins of real world environments. High-fidelity, realistic, and fully-rendered scenes that our 3D artists created on Omniverse.

Thanks to these digital twins, we can control, interact with, and simulate anything we need to. For example, we can test products like edge nodes and see how they perform in a simulated environment. We can then watch the changes happen in real time and improve our products.

Generate synthetic data on Omniverse

As an AI engineering company, we know the difficulty of getting large, clean, and labeled datasets for training machine learning models. Why not create the data we need ourselves? So, we generated synthetic data on Omniverse and used it to train our models.

To help others who have challenges obtaining the data they need, we’ve built custom Synthetic Data Generation (SDG) Extensions on Omniverse. A big benefit of these extensions is that the data is perfectly annotated and compatible with most machine learning models. Therefore, you can train and deploy your machine learning models faster.

If you’d like to try our custom extensions, visit the Omniverse launcher. Look for the extensions tab and search for SmartCow LP-SDG Omniverse Extension.

For the next issue of our newsletter, we’ll tell you about an Omniverse custom extension that we built: the license plate synthetic data generator. Stay tuned!

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