Smart Farming

AI-based controller for
Vertical Farming

Ultron, our AI-based controller, brings the future to your farms. Smart agriculture requires precise controls for optimal harvests and Ultron is ideal for regulating farming conditions.

We have designed Ultron to be connected to multiple sensors at once, allowing for a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to automated farming. You can analyze crop conditions with cameras and use the results from the analysis to control water, nutrient supplies and other variables, like lighting and ambient temperatures. With Ultron’s high computing power, it is now possible to synchronize numerous devices for seamless automation.

Many indoor farms struggle to manage climate conditions because their systems of analysis do not paint a complete picture. Even after overcoming the hurdle of regulating climate conditions, most methods suit only containerized farms and cannot be scaled for larger spaces. If high-tech farmers look into the current market for a technological solution, commercial building automation methods are simply too general to meet their needs. High-tech farms call for high-tech, specialized solutions, and this is where Ultron comes in.

To meet the world’s environmental challenges, vertical farming is a viable alternative to farming on arable land. We can farm vertically in urban environments, on buildings, in shipping containers and even in underground tunnels. When we farm close to people, produce does not have to travel far for distribution and we get to enjoy fresh produce for longer.

Modernize your farm, diversify the supply of food, and revolutionize labor with Ultron today.


An NVIDIA®️ Jetson™-based edge AI platform with sensor fusion capability that brings high computing power to the edge for industrial applications requiring logic-based decisions for automated processes and machines.