Smart Traffic

Traffic Control and Road

SmartCow’s RoadMaster is an AI end-to-end intelligent traffic management system for tackling traffic issues in growing urban cities. Our high-tech solution takes a comprehensive approach towards traffic management by serving many different aspects of traffic control.

You can use RoadMaster for vehicle detection, parking management, automated license plate recognition (ALPR), accident detection, and traffic violation detection. It effortlessly re-identifies vehicles through ALPR, matching license plates during an incident and classifying vehicles based on a distinctive set of vehicle type datasets from multiple geographical locations and regional vehicle models. This solution is easy to deploy and does not require additional training on local datasets.

RoadMaster’s interface is simple and easy to use for efficient traffic management. It allows for quick and responsive reactions to real-time road events and changing traffic patterns, proving itself a scalable solution for city projects of all sizes.

Other products and solutions for smart traffic management:

  • SmartCam is fully integrated with intelligent transportation system (ITS) solutions. SuperCam takes a comprehensive approach towards handling traffic issues, reducing costs of deployment and integration for smart city initiatives.
  • Mars is suitable for smart traffic management with functions like license plate recognition, lane changing detection, and vehicle counting. It can integrate up to 15 cameras at a time.