Smart Traffic

Smart Traffic Management

With the growing cities and populations, Smart Traffic solutions are now one of the top priorities of the Urban Cities. Road Congestions, Traffic violation, Vehicles detection and classification with less human resources, license plate recognition and more. Before answering the needs of the growing Cities, let first understand the problems faced.

The problem
AI is revolutionizing the City. With the increased population, the traffic congestion on the roads is increasing. However, smart cities aim to make the citizens reach the desired destination efficiently and safely. To achieve this aim, municipalities and governments turn to smart traffic solutions which are enabled by IoT technologies.

IoT solutions can predict the future traffic conditions in smart cities and can enable the municipalities to prevent potential congestions.

The Solution
Managing busy road intersections is vital to ensure smooth traffic flow and avoiding congestion. As a ‘smart’ learning solution SmartCow can go further, allowing the detection of illegal parking, pedestrians and the identification of riders without helmets.

SmartCow’s Roadmaster is an AI end-to-end intelligent traffic management system that offers a variety of tools and services for transport.

RoadMaster can be deployed for vehicle detection, parking management, automated number plate reading, accident detection, and traffic violations. Communication and information technologies are applied to road transport, road infrastructure, violations, and collisions, as well as vehicles, drivers, and pedestrians. Roadmaster provides a useful interface to improve efficiency of road transport and traffic management. It also allows for quick reactions to road events and changing traffic patterns, ensures scalability of traffic management, and provides the ability to manage the ever-increasing load on modern roads.

RoadMaster efficiently detects and resolves traffic capacity and demand imbalances in real time, including traffic incidents such as traffic accidents, anomalous construction events, and inclement weather.It effortlessly manages vehicle re-identification using ALPR and matching the license plate for tracking a vehicle during an incident and provides vehicle classification trained on a distinctive set of vehicle type datasets common to multiple geographical locations and regional vehicle models. This solution is easy to deploy in a given region and does not require additional training on local dataset.

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