Smart Traffic

Intelligent Transportation
System (ITS) for Smart Traffic

Traffic congestion is a huge concern in the development of smart cities. It increases fuel waste, accidents, pollution, and frustration on the road. In crowded cities, drivers spend hours stuck in traffic, preventing citizens from making the most out of their time.

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) have to address traffic congestion and its various contributing factors to create efficient and happy living spaces.

SuperCam, our NVIDIA® Jetson X Orin™ AGX powered 4K AI camera, is essential in the building and maintenance of smart city traffic management.

SuperCam supports the SmartCow Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) stack, which can work as a centralized edge computing server, connecting up to 15 cameras to create data collecting networks for efficient video processing. Fully integrated with intelligent transportation system (ITS) solutions, SuperCam handles traffic issues and reduces the costs of deployment and integration for smart city initiatives.

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