Smart Farming

Environmental monitoring
and control for Agriculture

CityStation, our AIoT platform for data acquisition, is the ideal solution for monitoring and controlling agricultural environments. Keep your farms competitive and future-ready with CityStation’s real-time weather monitoring functions.

The hardware on CityStation features a rugged design to ensure reliability for outdoor use, even in harsh weather and extreme temperatures, without any compromises on its stellar performance. CityStation’s software presents you with an interactive dashboard for an intuitive overview of data and gathered insight.

Soil temperatures, relative humidity, the changing winds and light can all be observed and controlled in finer detail for optimal crop management. Keep track of crop cycles and detect pests with CityStation’s 360-degree view cameras.

Maintain the health of your farms, plan ahead and boost crop yield with AI technology with CityStation today.


CityStation is a fully integrated solution designed to house multiple Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) on a single platform for data acquisition and analysis.