Smart Retail

Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

You can craft detailed customer experiences for services like restaurant drive-throughs, curb-side pickups, and car washes with PlateReader, our solution for automated license plate recognition.

PlateReader’s automated license plate recognition technology opens your business up to a world of possibilities. You can use PlateReader to support and maintain customer loyalty memberships by detecting and remembering long-time customers through their vehicle plate numbers. The versatile technology allows you to guide customers to premium products and services, automate payment processes, track customer preferences and create algorithms for the smoothest retail experiences.

The popularity of drive-through and pickup services has skyrocketed since the early days of COVID-19 social distancing measures, and we can expect the number to remain high as we move towards a more connected future. Global F&B giants like McDonald’s and Starbucks have already gone all in on automatic license plate recognition technology to detect customer vehicles and use the information for managing customer relationships. Keep up with the competition—contactless delivery methods are now mainstays in modern businesses and we should streamline operations to keep our businesses thriving.


SmartCow PlateReader is a plug-and-play automatic number-plate recognition (ALPR) edge solution that includes an intuitive dashboard for device and data management.