Smart Cities

Apartments or Entertainment &
Recreation Facilities

You can control vehicle entry and exit in apartments, airports, shopping malls, and more with automated license plate recognition (ALPR) technology. The technology works by detecting and reading license plates with surveillance cameras. The ALPR system then compares these license plates against a watchlist saved in a local database. When the system detects a whitelist license plate, it lets the corresponding vehicle in.

It can be tedious to source for ALPR IP cameras that meet your requirements, but there is a simpler way around it.

At SmartCow, we have developed PlateReader, a cost-effective plug-and-play ALPR solution with powerful AI capabilities to recognize and identify residents and visitors on property. Our ALPR software is easy to control and processes vehicles with speed. It can also be installed on basic IP cameras that are not designed for AI technology. With the power of API integration, you can even create a customized security system by integrating third-party software.

Boost security and manage entry to places like theme parks and sports stadiums with PlateReader today.


SmartCow PlateReader is a plug-and-play automatic number-plate recognition (ALPR) edge solution that includes an intuitive dashboard for device and data management.