Smart Factory

AI Cameras for Smarter Factories

SmartCow brings you SmartCam, a small but powerful AI camera with high-resolution sensors suitable for automated warehousing, inventory management, and control in factories. Factory and warehouse management can be complex. We have to ensure the safety of employees on site while optimizing production quality, efficiency, and accuracy.

Discover how SmartCam, the AI-enabled camera can support the factory and warehousing industry:


AI-powered occupational protection for employees and machines.

Detecting objects and tracking human movement across machine halls makes it easier to predict where an incident might occur. SmartCam goes a step further than monitoring their surroundings by taking on a preventive role. This way, machines, industrial equipment, manufactured goods, and the constant flow of personnel on the shop floor will operate in an environment that allows them to move freely while eliminating risk. The absence of safety masks or other safety equipment such as hard hats can be detected and you can send alerts to prevent accidents


Warehouse management

To ensure safety and security in the workplace, SmarCam uses image recognition technology to detect non-compliance with safety rules in real time and generate automatic alerts, and to stop dangerous machines in case of intrusion; a safety AI dashboard is used to facilitate management.


Access control

Our AI camera uses machine learning and computer vision to process video streams in real time to quickly identify quality and safety anomalies and create alarms and analytics for relevant teams.


Safety and Compliance Management

You can also identify any unsafe acts and actions of employees by detecting the absence of masks, helmets, vests, and safety glasses.

SmartCam makes the work environment safer for everyone without compromising on production.


For automated optical inspection and smart retail, for smart factories and other AIoT embedded systems.