• An Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), it can be used for footfall counting, vehicle detection, parking management, Automated Number Plate Reading (ANPR), accident detection, helmet less driver detection, etc.
  • Works real time through Edge AI
  • ANPR monitors the movement of vehicles and can detect vehicles without authorized license in real time 
  • Availability of RESTFUL service to integrate ANPR into existing ERP and billing applications. High computing capacities to reduce software installation 
  • Data storage for over 5 years, quick retrieval, friendly usage e.g.: expiry of license, renewal of insurance, vehicle ownership in case of theft, etc.
  • It works on Supercam, Cerberus and Gatekeeper 

Applications of ANPR 

  • Live tracking can help citizens to be more responsible with their speed and abide traffic rules reducing accidents 
  • Citizens can be secure about their kids commuting to school and back; as ANPR monitors the movement of school bus
  • Vehicles without authorised license and insurance can be identified within few seconds 
  • Data storage at a click


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