Supply Chain  IOT

Turn around time optimization at ports and dry docks through Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) and AI-IoT

  • ISO 6346 is an international standard covering the coding, identification and marking of intermodal (shipping) containers used within containerized intermodal freight transport(Commonly known as Shipping Container OCR )
  • OCR can be ported on Sentinel, Gatekeeper, SuperCam, Cerberus as a turnkey solution
  • Can be integrated into existing gate management systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions or used as a stand alone product
  • Installing, does not require any machine vision cameras, expensive lighting nor servers to deploy the solution  
  • Translates printed text and characters of the containers into machine-readable data, transfer information from a non-computer retrievable to a computer retrievable medium

Key features:
● OCR system recognize incoming and outgoing containers with the highest accuracy rates
● STS (Ship to Shore )Crane OCR systems read all container data, including weight ,
IMDG(dangerous goods) rating etc
● Kiosks at port entry gates synchronise the moves between trucks and (automated) STS cranes.
● Integration of existing RFID gate pass systems through GPIO provided on Jetson
platforms(typically opto isolated RS232/485)

Return of investment to customers

● Few tally men needed to check containers manually. One OCR operator manages system to
handle system and operational exceptions.(These exceptions are used on perm machine learning
model training to improve efficiency )
● Contributes to better planning, reducing idle driving time and driving of container handling
● Faster loading and discharging of containers and trucks
● Easy integration with Oracle, Envision and other terminal operating systems,gate management

Solution can be deployed on various AI embedded systems provided by SmartCow and this can be done under 48 hours. For more please get in touch with us through